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For eSports, Entertainment, Enterprise and Beyond

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About Mobeon

We are an interactive studio focused on innovative creative strategy for Live Events.Specializing in eSports, Media & Entertainment, Design, Art, Fashion, and Tech.We are at the forefront of digital culture.

Live Streaming

For events, eSports, activations, and concerts - from standard productions to live AR/VR/MR events.

Interactive Mixed Reality

We elevate visual storytelling to the highest level with high quality content, graphics and branding in realtime- from eSports to AR Sports, Games Shows, Online shows and competitions.

Social Media Integration

Integrating Social Media into Live Streams can be valuable for increasing brand awareness and connecting with with your viewers.

Live Event Analytics

We make it easy from concept to completion, and give you the data you need to measure your audience and your success.


From Live Streaming to Interactive Live Shows and Events.

Play in our World!

Gaming, Tech, Media, Entertainment, Art and Underground Culture.

eSports & Vsports

We create dynamic creative eSports tournaments and produce both in-venue video for the eSports arena, but also provide high quality, high FPS live streaming with extremely low latency. Mobeon works with the industry's best technology providers to deliver gaming video that meets and exceeds the high expectations of eSports enthusiasts.


Mobeon is pushing the boundaries of live video production without sacrificing stability or production quality. Whether it's 360 Video streamed live in 5.7K or whether it's remote cameras mounted on vehicles or aircraft of all sizes, the Mobeon team of technologists brings years of experience together with cutting edge hardware and software.


If your business is creating profitable entertainment experiences, then you need to know Mobeon. Mobeon can create monetized experiences end-to-end, including web and mobile experiences, purchase flow, marketing and buyer analytics. It doesn't matter if your goal is a single Pay Per View event, a series of conferences around the globe, or a complete OTT platform, Mobeon has the expertise to deliver your vision and ensure that it makes you money.

Art, Design, and Fashion

Mobeon is the emerging live streaming production company of choice for the world's most watched events. The modern experience is live, behind the scenes, and dynamic. Blend all of that with 4K streaming and 360 Video to expand the show with a treat for the visual senses. We also stream live drawing and instructional videos for CG platforms such as Z-brush and Maya.


Creative Team

Our diverse team hails from Game Development, Tech, Cinema, Live Events, and Post Production.

Live Streaming and Mixed Reality Studio

A fully Equipped 12,000 sq ft Event Space
Located at 12838 Weber Way Hawthorne, CA 90250.

Fully Equipped Streaming Studio

We have full line of studio Tricaster and Blackmagic switchers, encoders, live graphic, and replay systems available on site.

Unity and Unreal Realtime Graphic Engines

Holograms can be rendered over the real world and augment and interact with your physical environment.

A fully integrated facility that includes practical and virtual sets and includes our team of producers, engineers, technical directors and specialists on-site or on-location.
Our 12,000 square ft studio provides the perfect setting for AR/MR/VR productions, television and commercial shoots, rehearsal and recording sessions, web/media productions, press conferences, corporate training videos, music videos, post-production video and audio editing, color correction, photography and events.

Green Screen for Virtual Sets and Mixed Reality

Fully outfitted Green Cyc with pre-installed sensors to support the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and the Magic Leap. Casters, gamers, and content producers can record or live stream/broadcast as they showcase a new VR game, product demo or entertain viewers at home. Live stream your gameplay or demos to Twitch, Facebook, and Youtube.

Graphics and Text Systems

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1158 26th St. #365 Santa Monica, CA 90403
Studio: 12838 Weber Way, Hawthorne CA 90250


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